Ask The Plant® is TPS Lab's exclusive crop / plant nutrition program that allows you to dynamically adjust the plant’s ever-changing nutritional requirements throughout the growing season.

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By giving the plant what it needs when it needs it, you can see dramatic increases in plant performance and maximum crop yields – together with a dramatic decrease in fertilizer usage and a 40 to 60 percent reduction in water requirements.

The Ask The Plant® program allows the grower to take corrective action seven to 10 days before permanent plant damage occurs.

See an example of our Ask The Plant® report

Your report is a spreadsheet by field and by sample date. It includes a field history so you can track the effectiveness of your actions. The last report in the series is shown in expanded detail. In addition to the actual numbers, the report is also color-coded so that you can see at a glance your plants’ nutritional condition.

For a full discourse on the Ask The Plant® approach, see AcresUSA for the book of the same title by Charles Walters and Esper K. Chandler.

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