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Soil Testing Beaker 1600x966Why should I have my soil tested?

A pre-plant soil test will tell you what fertilizers you need to apply to get your plants off to a good start by providing them with proper soil fertility at planting.

A post-harvest soil test tells you what nutrients your crop removed so you can start preparing your soil for the next crop.

Different plants remove different nutrients at different rates throughout the growing season. Worse yet, some soils readily leach out nutrients while other soils rapidly tie up nutrients into compounds that are not readily available to the plant. By the end of the season, there can be little available nutrients left.

Proper soil nutritional balance can reduce water usage by 40 to 60 percent and dramatically reduce fertilizer requirements by
applying only what the crop needs.

YOU CAN’T GUESS about fertilizer application and expect to attain the best economic yields and plant quality.

Why are TPS Lab's tests and recommendations superior?

TPS Lab uses the Plant Natural® [Carbon Dioxide (CO2)] Extraction Method because it mimics the way plants naturally take up nutrients in every soil type.

This method was developed in 1845 by Charles G.B. Daubeny of Oxford, England and was one of the first extraction methods. It was not until the 20th Century that analytical technologies advanced to allow the method to be further developed by the universities of Arizona and Florida, and others. We have continued to build upon and develop those earlier works for more than 40 years.

Utilizing the Plant Natural® [Carbon Dioxide (CO2)] Extraction Method reveals the amounts of soil nutrients that are immediately available to the plant, as well as those nutrients that are “in reserve” or slowly-available.

Other labs tell you only the total content, much of which may be unavailable to the plant. This explains why more recent testing methods may show certain nutrients as adequate or high, yet the plants show deficiencies in those same nutrients – and why you may see the same test results, year after year.

With our tests you get detailed recommendations for correcting problems and building healthy, live soils using the Albrecht System of fertility balancing – specifically for your soil, your plants and your cultivation practice – whether Conventional, Sustainable or Organic.

See Explanation of Soil Organic Matter here.

In addition to the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extraction Method, we also offer the standard methods to conduct nutrient analysis, including DTPA, Mehlich III, Ammonium Acetate (Modified Morgan) and others.

For more details and more information on why our method of Soil Test is superior to assembly-line automated lab testing, please see our page, Why Our Method?

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