TPS Lab Grape Specific Testing

Grape Testing

TPS Lab is getting a lot of soil samples recently from vineyards of all sizes and ambition. 

TPS Lab has stirred up a lot of interest with Viticulturists with the recent introduction of our grape specific soil test and grape specific plant test, addressing the special nutritional and testing requirements of grapes.

These tests are dramatically more comprehensive than those offered by competing labs. Along with our proprietary method of CO2 extraction for testing, what has historically set TPS Lab apart from most other labs is our recommendations supplied as a part of each report. TPS Lab is a consulting laboratory, as well as an analytical one - dealing only with agronomic matters.

Our Senior Analyst Noel Garcia will be traveling Monday, June 13th of 2011, to visit with our field consultants from Eco-Drip, farmers of various crops - and most especially - vineyards around Lubbock and West Texas. He will be especially interested in visiting with growers of all kinds who are having problems or are dissatisfied with the performance of their crops.

We are told that Lubbock will be the new grape capital of Texas within the next five years. We endeavor to have a key role in seeing that happen.

TPS Lab can guide you from pre-plant to bottling - regardless of where your vineyard is located, in Texas or abroad.

No matter what your plant, No matter where your soil, You gotta go to TPS Lab.

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